Sustainability in the core of everything we do

At ICOF, we are fully committed to improving the livelihoods of smallholders, workers, and communities and delivering a positive environmental impact.

Our policy is made of
3 overarching commitments:

No Deforestation

No Peat Development

No Exploitation

Our place in the sustainable palm oil landscape

Interview with Director of Sustainability, Olivier Tichit on our 2020 Sustainability Policy

Our Approach to Sustainability

Improve the Lives of Smallholders, Workers, and Communities

Deliver Positive
Environmental Impacts

Maintain Responsible and Enduring Relationships with Suppliers, Customers, and Stakeholders

Drive Innovation in
Sustainable Practices

Smallholders Programme

Oil palm smallholders are farmers with less than 25 hectares of planted oil palm. They will, by 2030, manage 60% of Indonesia’s oil palm plantations. Because of their importance to the industry, ICOF and Musim Mas have put into place The Smallholders Programme.